Shadow Plays

An Anthology of Speculative Fiction



Ashley Arnold | Brendan D. Carson | Sarah Drummond
D.H. Duperouzel | Richard Harland | E.J. Hayes
Ren Holton | George Ivanoff | Penelope Love
Andrew J. McKiernan | Robert J. Santa | Nigel Stones

Ashley Arnold
The River Man's Spirits
Ashley Arnold is a tall, dark, handsome stranger who rides into town, drinks whiskey until he can barely walk, fires a few shots into the air, stumbles, and rides out with no-one the wiser as to who he was. Ashley’s work has appeared in Ticonderoga Online, AntipodeanSF and the Infinitas Bookshop monthly newsletter. More details can be found at

Brendan D. Carson
The Omensetter and Hu Lijing
Brendan D. Carson lives in Adelaide with his wife and a number of cats, and works in a small emergency department. When not doing that he reads (too little) and writes (not enough). He has had stories accepted by Aurealis, Altair and AntipodeanSF, by various websites, and was included in the inaugural Year’s Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Sarah Drummond
The Red Curtains
Sarah Drummond lives on the south coast of Western Australia. She writes stories from the sea that have been published in several Australian anthologies and magazines, including Skive Magazine, TWOT magazine, Soul Candy, and Short Stories Australia.

D.H. Duperouzel
Of Wind and City
D. H. Duperouzel was born and bred on the south coast of Western Australia and has always wanted to write. She is fascinated by the universe and its infinite possibilities, and is working on the second book of a trilogy. Her ambition is to walk into any book store and see her books displayed in the science fiction/fantasy section.

Richard Harland
Richard Harland has won the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Short Story by an Australian author twice in the last two years. In 2005, his The Black Crusade won the Aurealis Award for Best Novel in Any Category of SF, Fantasy or Horror. He has had three adult SF thrillers published, three adult/YA fantasies, two cult gothic novels and two books for younger readers. Richard lives near Wollongong, south of Sydney, and writes fiction full-time. His website is at The inspiration for his story was an old folk song called ‘The Little Musgrave’. What caught in his mind was the sense of a man totally out of his depth in a world where he doesn’t belong.

E.J. Hayes
Crystal and Iron
E.J. Hayes lives in Sydney where she works as an editorial assistant, mainly so she can spend two hours each weekday on the train, writing. She is a member of the Infinitas writers group and several online critique groups, and her other favourite thing to do is play her oboe.

Ren Holton
Bab and Anusha
Ren Holton is the alter ego of another, nicer, writer. Ren is the person people never invite to parties, but always speak to when they want a dubious favour. Despite this, Ren manages an almost autonomous existence and can be found within, but separate to, reality. Recent Ren Holton works have been published in Apex Digest, SciFantastic Deathgrip: Exit Laughing and are forthcoming in North of Infinity and Strange Pleasures #6.

George Ivanoff
Nigella and the Clockwork Man
George Ivanoff is a Melbourne based author who usually writes for children (20+ books, and more on the way). Sometimes he has a go at writing grown-up stuff. So far he’s done okay, with stories appearing in Aurealis, Redsine, Southern Blood, Ripples, Dark Animus, Fantastic Wonder Stories and now Shadow Plays. Check out his web site at:

Penelope Love
Penelope Love lives in Melbourne and works in university administration. While writing ‘Whitey’ she finds she starts thinking and sometimes even talking in present tense, which causes people to stare and avoid her in corridors. She blames Damon Runyon. Her last appearance in print is in the award-winning Daikaiju anthology from Agog Press.

'Whitey' was a finalist for the 2007 Aurealis Awards, in the category of Best Science Fiction Short Story. You can read the judges' report here.

Andrew J. McKiernan
Calliope: A Steam Romance
Andrew J. McKiernan is a Sydney based author and illustrator. He is art director for Aurealis and a founding editor of HorrorScope webzine. His stories are scheduled to appear in Shadowed Realms and Macabre: A New Era in Australian Horror, and forty of his illustrations will appear in Shards: Forty Short Sharp Tales. This is his first published story.

Robert J. Santa
A Jury of Peers
Robert J. Santa has been writing speculative fiction for more than twenty years. His work has appeared in Paradox, On Spec, Artemis and Horror Garage. He lives with his beautiful wife and two equally beautiful daughters in Rhode Island, USA. Robert can be found contributing articles on the craft of writing, reviews, and his opinions at and invites you to join him.

Nigel Stones
When the Black Crow Flies
Nigel Stones lives north of Brisbane with his wife and two daughters. He took up writing fiction back in 2004 to fill a void left by the completion of a Masters degree and has been working at learning to write ever since. Other than being part of this project, the highlights of his journey so far have been his time in the Vision writers group and being published in The Devil in Brisbane and AntipodeanSF.



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